Articles by Maureen Sullivan published online for V, Flash Art, Whitewall and Interview covering art events: Venice Art Biennale, Istanbul Biennial, Miami Basel, Sharjah and Dubai, Exhibitions of David Bowie, by John Waters, and more.

12.15 Whitewall: Parades, Roller Skating, and Performances - Public Art at Basel Miami Beach
6.15 Artlog: Venice Biennale, The Sublime Supernatural Venice Biennale
1.15 Artlog: X-Rated to G with John Waters

12.14 Whitewall: Witty Commentaries on Collecting at Context and Art Miami
10.14 Whitewall: David Bowie
12.13 Whitewall:Miami Project Mile High Lip-Synching to the Bee Gees with Nina Katchadourian
12.13 Whitewall:Escape from South Beach Everglades Excursion and Cocktails with Alligators
12.13 Whitewall:Best of Nada

10.13 Whitewall: A Look At the 2013 Carnegie International

12.12 Flash Art: Art Basel Miami 2012, Top fifteen picks around Miami Beach
12.11 Flash Art: Art Basel Miami 2011, Buying is the New Black on the Beach
12.10 Flash Art: Art Basel Miami Beach 2010
10.09 V Magazine: Turkish Delight: Istanbul Biennial
4.09 V Magazine: Showing and Selling? To the Sheikhs
12.08 Flash Art: Miami Basel, Partying Like It's 1999
12.08 Interview Magazine: Miami Kiss and Tell
11.08 Flash Art: New Orleans Prospect.1 Po Boys and Funeral Marches
11.08 V Magazine: New Orleans Flying South
9.08 V Magazine: DNC-Rocky Mountain High, Part 1
9.08 V Magazine: DNC-Rocky Mountain High, Part 2
9.08 Flash Art: DNC, Unconventional Art Happening in Denver
9.08 Shephard Fairey Interview

Marilyn Manson Opening at 101 Exhibit