Exhibitions, Films, Talks, and Performances have been curated at various spaces in NY featuring the artists: Christian Jankowski, Eve Sussman, Simon Lee, Jen DeNike, Jeremy Blake, Bjorn Melhus, Marilyn Manson, Sue DeBeer, Swoon, Guy Ben-Ner with Jon Kessler, Yael Bartana with Arthur Zmijewski, Ghost of A Dream, and more below.

Christian Jankowski:Crying for the March of Humanity
Spring/Break, NY March 2016

Eve Sussman & Simon Lee: No Food, No Money, No Jewels
Spring/Break, NY May 2015

Love Hurts, yeah yeah
Sophie Calle, Maurizio Cattelan, Nick Cave, Will Cotton, Carlton De Woody, Dave Eggers, C. Finley, James Franco, Baron von Fancy, Ray Geary, Dave Eggers, Misaki Kawai, Carter Kustera, Roy Lichtenstein, Michele Lopez, Randy Palumbo, Raymond Pettibone, Ligorano & Reese, David Shrigley, Guy Richard Smits, and Ted Riederer's performance Drums and Roses.
Geary, NY, February 2015

Public Private Eve Sussman and Simon Lee, Fall on Your Sword
Spring Break, Soho, NY, March 2014 in association with the Armory Art Show

They Sicken Of The Calm Who Know The Storm: Greta Alfaro, Julia Chiang, James Clar, Richard Garet, Pryce Lee, Naama Tsabar, Dustin Yellin Fridman Gallery, NY, January - February 2014

Triumph and Tragedy Ghost of a Dream
Spring Break, Soho, NY, May 2013

New Mysticism: Jeremy Blake, Yorgo Alexopoulos
Spring Break, Soho, NY, March 2013 in association with the Armory Art Show

Apocalist: Eve Sussman, Fall on Your Sword, Simon Lee & Algis Kizys, Sarah Bereza,and Bigert & Bergström with Cabinet Books.
Spring Break, Soho, NY, March 2012 in association with the Armory Art Show.

Keep Out You Thieving Bastards co-organized with Rob Fischer. Featuring Minnesota based artists: Aaron Spangler, Alec Soth, Angela Strassheim, Cameron Gainer, Chris Larson, David Rathman, Justin Newhall, Paul Shambroom, Rob Fischer, Ross Knight, Santiago Cucullu, Sara Woster, Shannon Kennedy, Tetsuya Yamada, Chris Osgood (The Suicide Commandos) and Chuck Statler. Hendershot Gallery, NY, March 27- May 8, 2011.

A Strange Affinity to the Beautiful and the Dreadful:
Sue De Beer, Meghan Boody, Julia Chiang, Jen DeNike, Damien Echols, Alexa Gerrity, Leor Grady, Ichiro Irie, Ragnar Kjartansson, Marilyn Manson, Bjørn Melhus, Kneil Melicano, Donald Moffett,
Galia Offri, Randy Palumbo, Gilad Ratman, Ugo Rondinone, Lorna Simpson, Trong G. Nguyen, Center for Tactical Magic, Ghost of a Dream, and Nelson Loskamp / Electric Chaircut Rapunzel Performance for Locks for Love. Hendershot Gallery, NY. January 16 – February 20, 2011.

Anywhere but Here
Group show of emerging NYC-based artists curated with Dan Teran for artsicle. Gallery Bar, NY, June 2012.

Photography taken by dogs to benefit Might Mutts dog rescue and adoption, featuring works photographed by cameras on artist's dogs and rescue dogs. March 10, 2011, Hendershot Gallery, NY

A Picture of Haiti: 6 Months Later
Exhibition of work by Swoon to benefit building in Haiti; panel discussion with Partners in Health, Charity Water, Swoon. Honey Space, NY, July 2010

Dan Graham Benefit for Sculpture Center, NY
featuring performances by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, Rodney Graham, and Japanther, December 2009

Know Hope, No Soul For Sale
Site Specific Installation. X-Initiative, Chelsea, NY, June 2009

Naama Tsabar, Composition Eight, Closing Performance No Soul For Sale X-Initiative, Chelsea, NY, June 2009

Miriam Cabessa, Slow Motion Action Painting
11-hour, 30 x 7 foot, endurance painting created on site. Pulse Art Fair, NY, March 2009

Keren Cytter and Kutlug Ataman film screenings
X-Initiative Rooftop Series, Chelsea, NY. Co-curated with H.G. Masters, August 2009

Fairy Tale and Story Salon with the exhibition A Strange Affinity to the Beautiful and the Dreadful. February 15, 2011. Featuring: Richard Phillips, Glenn O’Brien, Jon Kessler, Lia Gangitano, Ryan McNamara, Jamstation (Jeremy Parker and Michal Diamond), Anne Apparu, Rose Kallal, Elizabeth Lovero, Adina Popescu, James Kaliardos, Jenny Schlenzka and Jen DeNike reading Damien Echols’ poetry.

Yael Bartana with Arthur Zmijewski MoMA, October 2009

Guy Ben-Ner with Jon Kessler Performa 09, November 2009